In Charco Redondo we have a main Cortijo with two floors and the basement:

· The basement has a cellar, two rooms and a patio.
· The ground floor has five bedrooms with bathroom, a dining room, TV room, office kitchen, dining room service room, two bathrooms cold rooms and armoire.
· The first floor has 8 bedrooms with bathroom and a terrace.

There are also other buildings closer:
· Two floors building: The upper one with four bedrooms with full bathroom and the lower one with two bedrooms and bathroom, a living room, a dining room, office, kitchen, pantry and service dining room.

· Monterías Building: hunt room, kitchen, two changing rooms, two bathrooms, block with 5 boxes for horses, haystack and garage

· Building with deer, office and kennel.
In the Las Cañas farm we also have a house of 130m2 on a single floor with living room, three bedrooms and bathroom